Who we are

Since 1998, Key has been committed to the development of human resources and leadership for corporate. Enterprise core is talent, and talent development requires leadership. The numerous practical proof that leader’s quality and behavior has a great impact on an organization's future and destiny.Kouzes and Posner's leadership model reveals the truth of Leadership and supplies leadership methods and tools for users around the world . Key Leadership Centre regards LPI® as the core curriculum,creates three types: the open course, instructor certification course and internal training course. The course is taught by Leonard China's first Master Professor.Since 98, the training in China, tens of thousands of participates have been trained and certified over 60  LPI® lecturers. We make every effort to develop participants personal potential, creating value for clients. We firmly believe that excellent trainers and excellent courses are the key to open the door to success.

Core Values: Happiness, Respect, Growth, Excellence ,

Key Leadership Center advantages:

1) Join the international organization and promote excellence courses

Key has been committed to the development and introduction of high-level brands courses, to promote LPI® project in cooperation with the Electronic Industry Press and John Wiley. In the process of cooperation, the introduction courses selected from the developer himself taught, maintain the original inheritance granted. Key study the information gathered in the local information with developers ,improve course system, and translate international course into located course.

2) Booster organization development, and provide system solutions;

Key has maintained a close relationship with the well-known Enterprise university, which makes Key stands on the shoulders of giants. In the process of cooperation, we gradually worked out that the system and training operating model of human resources development which companies need .It allows us to closely integrate the philosophy and practice.

3) Continuous counseling, and motivate behavioral change

Key has a wide range of services team, trainers and consultants,many years of project management and implementation experience ,have qualified with a series of courses, design, and implementation competences. we will have an international perspective and Key unique culture.because of good team, wealth of experience and innovative thinking .


2012 annual training magazine Council executive director

2012 LPI® won the the best brands courses awards

2012 Diamond Sponsor Award for Training Services

2006 China's first LPI®Master Professor Leonard in Key Leadership Center. Key become the  navigator consulting firm in China.