What we do


Would you like your  employees, managers and leaders to benefit from leading edge personal development solutions – all in the comfort of your own familiar  surroundings?

NEXUS People Solutions Ltd was founded in 2003 and is a European-based international  organisation specialising in Individual, Team and Leadership Development.  We have a solid presence throughout Europe and the US and,  thanks to our strong relationship with our partners, KEY Consulting, we have also been delivering successful programmes in China for the past 6 years.  KEY Consulting are training and development consultants of the highest calibre, and are based in China.  They already have a proven history of working with some truly global clients.

The joining together of NEXUS and KEY means that together we can can bring you something unique:  forward thinking, world-class training and development solutions – delivered by local consultants who understand you, understand your business and understand your culture.  More importantly, they speak your language!  (All programmes can be delivered in either Mandarin or English).

By choosing to work with NEXUS-KEY, you are choosing  high end, powerful concepts and methodologies, delivered by safe hands.  All our consultants are of the highest integrity.  We value differences, honour individuality and respect confidentiality.  We create environments where attendees feel safe, secure and protected.  Yet at the same participants benefit from meaningful learning experiences which help unlock some of their hidden and untapped potential.  All of this contributes to your organisation's efficiency, which in turn, has a direct impact on your 'bottom line'.  In other words, by choosing NEXUS-KEY, you are choosing a provider to help you create a discernible and sustainable advantage over your competitors.

Our Offering.

Many people offer training.  Traditional training tends to be “Top-Down” - where the trainer imparts the knowledge.  What we offer is far more.  We offer bespoke development events and solutions – which directly respond to your individual organisation's needs.  Very often, this solution takes the form of a Development Centre.

What is a Development Centre?

Development Centres can take many forms and sizes, each one is different.    During a Development Centre we work with participants either individually or in small groups, helping them understand their own personal strengths and  weaker areas (challenges).  Often we use instruments such as:
360o Appraisals, 
Myers Briggs Type Indicator? (MBTI? ),
Strength Deployment Inventory ?  (SDI?) or
Emotional Intelligence (Baron EQi?)
We use a variety of exercises, tools and methodologies – but one thing is common – participants always receive a large amount of personalised, individual attention and personal coaching.

Benefits of Development Centres

NEXUS-KEY Development Centres are tailored to meet the specific requirements of your organisation.  We work with you to design bespoke exercises which truly reflect typical challenges faced by your employees, managers and leaders on a daily basis.  We take into account the business performance targets, the current business environment and the locality of each client.  Contrary to classic training programmes, the high level of individual attention and  1-to-1 coaching ensures that each participant receives the support they need to achieve their own personal – and your organisational – goals.

Nearly always, the NEXUS-KEY Development Centres will include a development planning session, where our Coaches assist participants in designing activities to help them achieve continuous and ongoing personal development for a very long time after the Development Centre has ended.

Who are Development Centres for?

Since  each development experience is individually tailored to your organisation's needs, virtually anybody can benefit from attending one of our events. However, most commonly participants are middle managers or senior leaders.  That said, Development Centres are also beneficial for young graduates or Technical Experts who have chosen not to go down the management route.  Development Centres typically last between 1 and 3 days.


We offer high-end solutions, and our fees are priced accordingly.